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Tasty Delite Original Shrimp And Coconut Sauce Fettuccini

Tasty Shrimps and Coconut sauce fettuccini

For 6 people


· Tasty Delite Original mix 3 OZ

· Shrimps 1.2 lb.

· Green onions 4 units

· Garlic 3 units

· Spinach 1 bunch

· Olive Oil 2 tbsp.

· Rice pasta Fettuccine 16 OZ

· Coconut milk 25 OZ

· Coconut Oil 3.5 OZ

· Curry ½ tbsp.

· Thyme ½ tbsp.

· Salt and pepper

For the Shrimps

1. Peeling and deveining your shrimp saves money and taste better as unpeeled shrimp is less treated and less prone to freezer burn than already peeled shrimp.

2. Fill plastic zip bag with Tasty Delite mix, insert the shrimp, close and shake well until thoroughly coated.

3. Put the coconut Oil in a pan, wait till the Oil is hot enough and fry the shrimps, flip them around and they look golden brown remove pieces and place on paper towel to absorb excess oil.

For the Fettuccine and Coconut sauce

1. Finely cut the green onions.

2. Peel the garlic, by smashing them with the knife, and finely cut it for more flavor.

3. Cut the spinach in small pieces.

4. In a pan put the olive oil, Start adding the Onions and garlic till they are translucent, and then add the spinach.

5. Proceed to pour the coconut milk.

6. Add some pepper and salt to taste.

7. Add thyme and curry.

8. Stir the sauce, and wait until it boils.

9. Cook the pasta in a pot, wait till the water is boiled to add the pasta, is recommended to put some salt to the water if you like.

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